Bucketo is the only yard game on the market that can actually create space. The Bucketo is approximately 10″ tall and 10.5″ in diameter. The chains fit right inside with plenty of room left over. So throw in your towel, water, playing cards and other gear and head out to play Bucketo!


The Bucketo is made of galvanized steel then powder coated for further protection and beauty. We tweaked the diameter and height over and over, until it was just right.


The specially designed rim is of stainless steel. It doesn’t only make the bucket look nice. The rim serves as a visual target and allows for the right amount of chain catch. This also protects the paint from chipping on the Bucketo’s edge. We wanted the perfect amount of stick without making it too easy. Rubber, plastic, cork, textured paint and other attempts fell short of stainless steel.


A perfect balance of weight and length… specified by us. This was by far the most difficult part of the development process. Who knew not all plastic chains were equal? Too heavy, too few links, too light and too many links are just a few of the issues. Not to mention there are also different shape links. It took a lot of playing research to find the right chains. These are large heavy duty chains and feel great in your hand. Oh, they also float! Imagine the possibilities.


This subtle piece is most important part of the game. We don’t mean the wood handle. That is there so the bail doesn’t scuff your paint and to add a touch of class to yard games. Back to the bail (wire). Unlike many buckets, the bail is mounted under the Bucketo’s edge. Chains can enter, drop and slide freely with no obstructions. If your bucket has “ears” it’s not a genuine Bucketo™.

These features not only make the bucket look nice but assist in game play and adds protection from the elements. You can play Bucketo in the rain and leave it in the yard for next time.