For standard play, place the two Bucketos 10 feet apart from each other. A flat, level surface free of obstacles is best. Each Player or Team is given 3 chains of the same unique color, which will remain their color during a game. For competition level play, space the Bucketos at 15 feet apart.

PLAYING: (2 Player)

Both players stand at one Bucketo and toss to the next. Player A tosses all 3 chains, ONE at a time. Player B tosses all 3 chains, ONE at a time. Both players move to the next Bucketo. The Bucketo is scored and the ROUND is complete. Rounds repeat until a player gets 17 points or more. The player who tosses first on any round will toss second on the next round. (This allows players to maintain a rhythm) If a player knocks over the Bucketo, they lose the game.

PLAYING: (4 Player)

Two opposing team players stand at each Bucketo. Team A Player tosses all 3 chains, ONE at a time. Team B Player tosses all 3 chains, ONE at a time. Each from the same Bucketo. The Bucketo is scored and the ROUND is complete. The chains are collected by the awaiting team players and play is returned. Rounds repeat until a Team gets 17 points or more. The Team who tosses first on any round will toss second on the next round.

If a player knocks over the Bucketo, their Team loses the game!


Chains inside the Bucketo – 1 point.
Chains hanging on the Bucketo’s edge – 3 points.

The Player or Team with the most points takes all the points in the round. It’s winner takes all! Whoever has the most points on a round takes the opponent’s points as well. If it’s a tie, NO points are awarded!


Player A has 1 chain edge-hanging and another chain completely inside the bucket = 4 points.

Player B has 2 chains hanging on the bucket’s edge = 6 points.

Player B wins this round and would add 10 points to their total score.


Chains draping across the top of the bucket or doubled over a single bucket edge, at a rounds end, are automatic game winners! These are chains that hang on the bucket at two points.


There is no limit to the total number of rounds that must be played to declare a winner.

Chains that hit the ground then bounce into the Bucketo or hang on the Bucketo’s edge are legal.

During play, position and location of chains on the Bucketo may change – This is entirely normal, and may be a strategic desire, or an accidental, self-inflicted crushing blow!

Players may purposely knock hanging chains in or out of the Bucketo during a toss.

Each Player must make 3 tosses of one chain each on their turn, but on a toss they may elect to miss the Bucketo entirely – There is no requirement that each toss be an attempt to score.

The Bucketo shall not be obstructed by opponents during play.

Opponents shall not physically interfere with the Player taking their turn, but good-natured talk is permitted.

If previously agreed, multiple games can be played to create a “best of (3, 5, or 7)” match – i.e. some odd number of total games. Each new game starts with scores zeroed. With each game of a match, the Player or Team that goes first will alternate. The first Player or Team to win the “best of” the number of match games will be declared the overall match winner.

For the toss, chains can only be held in, on or around the hand with no “accessories” (sticks, cups, tennis rackets, etc.) to aid the Player’s toss. (Exceptions can be made for physically disabled Players).

Chains can be tossed in any fashion, and held in whatever manner desired prior to the toss, but are not permitted to be tied in a knot. No foreign substance, binding or covering material is permitted to be applied or affixed to the chains. Your sweaty paws are an exception.

If a chain toss or throw knocks over a Bucketo, then that Player or Team will automatically lose that game.

Players’ toes may touch the “toss point” (other Bucketo) but may not cover it or extend past it. The Player may lean forward during their toss, but their toes must adhere to the “toss point”.

Adult supervision is required when children are playing. Keep it safe.