bucketo 132


The concept is simple. Toss chains at the Bucketo, score points and win. At 10ft away however, it’ll take a bit of skill to win. You must work the chain differently for each type of shot on the Bucketo.


Bucketo competitions never seem to end the same way twice. It’s always an exciting finish. The way the game plays there is always a way for somebody to win, no matter how far back in points they are. The equipment, rules and setup are extremely simple. This makes for a great deal of enjoyment that can be shared by the whole family.


The game play of Bucketo calls for strategic decisions to be made on every toss. The scoring for each round is winner take all! If your opponent throws first, and does well, you may choose a forfeit approach throwing your chains away. If you go for it and fail to exceed their point total you’ll add to their victory. You may attempt to eliminate their points from the bucket by force. You might also take your first toss to reduce their points then overcome it with your next two tosses.